Spring Sessions in our Studio

March 20, 2018

This year we wanted to change things up and offer some beautiful Spring Studio Sessions in our new space! With all this snow and dreariness outside it is so nice to be able to get some beautiful photos and not worry about the cold or wet.


Each year, I find myself getting so wrapped up in all the summer activities, trips to the cottage or camping, sports and hanging out with friends and family that I forget to take time for myself and my little guy to have photos done. As a busy mom I completely understand how this process can go to the bottom of the list of priorities.


Our sessions are always weather dependent and I know how difficult it can be when we have to reschedule due to rain or stormy weather. Last year quite a few of my sessions ended or started in spitting or pouring rain, as we couldn’t predict the weather.

My hope for these sessions is that you will be able to bring your children for a quick and painless session with the ability of walking away with a handful of images that you can print and display in your home or on your desk at work because it is so important to be in photos with your children.


I also envision you being able to dress up and have your children wear some nice white or light coloured clothing without the fear of grass stains or mud puddles! Especially with toddlers or young babies, being in a controlled environment is so nice!

These sessions will take place at our studio on Saturday’s & Sunday’s mornings.

The sessions will be based on length and moms are included only. (10mins $125 5 images) or (15 minutes $175 8 images)

To book your spot please pick your spot in our calendar here: (www.calendly.com/bethanyamandaphotography)

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