Ottawa Twin Newborn Photographer – Big Sister Love

October 29, 2016

I love working with newborns, but working with twins or multiples is extra special. Both babies are already so different and have so much personality and they are absolutely so cute. Mom, Dad, and Big Sister were absolutely gaga over these two little darlings already. Working with babies that are what makes photography never boring. Even though these two were over a month old already, they were still able to fit into most of my newborn size props and outfits! I love how much twins love to be close to each other during a session. I find photographing twins to be easier at times because they are comforted by the smell and touch of their sibling close by, which of course makes for some extra cute and squishy pictures! Can’t wait to show the family the rest of these because they are so sweet! Oh, and not to forget, they all showed up wearing Senators Shirts, and insisted on having a family photo wearing their black and red proud! Go Sens Go!

Bethany xox


Ottawa Twin Newborn Photographer

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