Newborn Lifestyle Session in Island Park

May 17, 2019

When I think of motherhood I always see kids smiling or laughing faces and happy families because that is what we are shown online. As a photographer I find myself surrounded by a lot of happy moments, probably why I decided to photograph weddings and babies! Motherhood is lovely in so many ways, but it can also be very scary because often enough everything is really out of our control.

As a person loves to control things, as in, I like to play out every situation before it happens kind of thinker, birth & the journey through motherhood has been so many curveballs. As I start to navigate my path I feel the constant changes and feel the need to sit back and realize it’s all happening faster than I can even imagine it happening.

I feel lucky enough to have the opportunity to connect with so many new moms. Over 450 babies have come through our studio since we started, so I do see and hear all kinds of stories with regards to pregnancy, birth, and a big troublesome one is breastfeeding. I try to ask moms about how things went and how they were feeling about their experiences and it totally varies.

How I connect with other Moms

I know from my own experiences that I have had two extreme differences, one being a vaginal delivery at the Ottawa Birth Centre and the other via C-section at the Ottawa General Hospital with the twins. They were both very unique with different challenges, and not similar, but they taught me that motherhood, and sometimes the way you become a mother doesn’t change. I have such a huge advantage I feel as I was able to experience most of the types of births you can have, so I truly know how these women are feeling when they step into the studio.

For this session, it was purely something that I knew deep down that the client would appreciate me coming to her. Her baby boy was already 6 weeks old and she knew that she wanted to capture this stage of his life before he grew out of the little newborn stage.

I don’t often get requests to come to clients home as I charge a fee to travel, but I know why these repeat clients opted for this option was one that a new mother shouldn’t have to experience just after having a baby. It’s hard to see it in these happy photos, but like so many mothers that I talk to, they are dealing with other issues that arise from pregnancy that not too many people tend to talk about.

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Your home? No problem! Here are some easy tips to prepare.

I know on a personal level 6 people within the last year that have gone through some sort of difficulties with gall bladders, and the fact that my clients were dealing with this so quickly after delivery is not an easy thing to throw on top of just having a baby. This option to have me come to the clients home is not always as easy as it sounds, as of course there is some tidying that has to happen. I find that its best to tidy 1 or 2 spaces in the home to use for photos so that way we don’t waste too much time trying to organize things.

I am working on a complete preparation guide for clients to use whenever they opt for this type of session, as I want people to feel that this option is something that’s available and we can still get some amazing photos that mix lifestyle & studio looks in one!

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