Family Photos in Studio: Fun for everyone

December 19 2018

The Camp Family visited us to update their family photos in our studio. Capturing your family’s milestone is so important as they get so big so quick. As you can imagine December is too cold for an outdoor session, so we chose to do some photos in the studio and we played around with different rugs and textures. Choosing to give a cohesive but beautiful set of unique photos that this family can share with family & friends for years to come.

In the studio, we like to mix up by using different rugs, stools, and of course the children’s energy to guide our sessions. Not all children love to have photos done, but we try to make it as fun as possible and focus all our attention on the children. This way it is fun for everyone, including the parents.

The last thing we want to do is make this experience stressful, so we make sure that we focus on capturing the best versions of everyone as quickly as possible. We also encourage bribing, but only use it when necessary!


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