Blended Families Unite – Ottawa Family Photoshoot

May 26, 2017

When Dean first called me we had a wonderful chat. We covered all the details quickly and booked the session. Little did I know that he was doing photos with all his kids who were in town from different parts of Canada. I wasn’t aware but it sure was awkward at times when I didn’t know the inside jokes or weird award posing that we should or shouldn’t do because his ex wife was also in the session and I wasn’t sure if it was planned or not, but I just decided to go with it and laugh as much as I could. I think sometimes when I feel like I don’t know what to do, or I get nervous I laugh so it appears like things don’t bother me or upset me. I was by no means upset, but just confused on how to handle the situation appropriately. Near the end of the session, things started to relax and everyone was having fun, but it did take about 30 mins for that to happen, and a lot of laughter and jokes to get that ice broken. I find that this position I am in, we have to improvise more than I would like, but I think that is what makes myself, and other professionals stand out in the crowd or see of photographers is that we adapt quickly and we don’t falter, or at least I don’t think anyone notices when we do.
I am very thrilled about how well these photos turned out, given all the awkwardness and inside jokes, it was a super fun and engaging session. I feel like I am always up for a challenge and this was by no means not challenging!!

Bethany <3

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