Behind the Scenes Look at a Newborn Session

June 5, 2017

Take a peak at this behind the scenes of a recent newborn session.

This little sweetheart was just over 3 weeks old, and she was so precious. Her amazing Aunt recommended that she come and have her photos done with me and I couldn’t be more delighted. Even though this little one looks small, she sure did poop a lot for such a little thing! We had to change a few times, but it was all worth it for that beautiful little face of hers. In the video you can actually catch her little face concentrating on a big poop and its adorable. It is definitely a reality as a newborn photographer to get pooped on numerous times throughout a session. To be honest, it actually settles the baby better if they are to let it all go, so I don’t mind as we are able to get some cute little sleepy shots afterwards.

I can’t wait to watch this beauty grow as I know she will be nothing but a heart stopper!

Thanks again guys!
Bethany xoxo

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